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Recently, I saw a tweet that fit in perfectly with this post that we’ve been writing:

It’s 2017, and your startup is wildly successful. How is the world different?

Well, Jason, we’re glad you asked, because boy do we have a story for you.

By 2017, we hope that a sizable percentage of rural, suburban, and even urban houses with a bit of space or a refurbished roof have AutoMicroFarm systems (or something similar). And, these systems are providing the vast majority—up to 90%—of healthy, delicious, and organic food for their households. We’ve made three conceptual sketches of what AutoMicroFarm products might look like integrated with houses. Each drawing assumes a household size of four adults. Of course, if there are more or less people, the number of systems would be scaled accordingly.

The first concept is a rural home, where the relatively large amount of land allows the system to be housed in a stand-alone enclosure.


The second concept home is in a suburban location where the attached enclosure contains the AutoMicroFarm systems (this works equally well for rural households). In fact, this concept is probably the most favorable of the three, since it puts the growing food literally a few feet from the table, yet is simpler than a rooftop system, shown in the last concept.

The last concept shows the AutoMicroFarm systems on the roof above the garage; although they could have just as easily been placed elsewhere on the roof. This concept is for homes that have very little land, and the 400-500 square feet that receive the needed amount of direct sunlight are not to be found elsewhere.

Below is a rendering of one AutoMicroFarm unit, large enough (~50 square feet growing space) to provide 90% of the food for one adult. Please keep in mind that this is a concept rendering; no plumbing, pumps, siphons, etc. are shown and the first prototype (not to mention the final product) will look a lot different.

Update: you can view higher-resolution images at our g+ page here.

We’re making nice progress on our proof-of-concept prototype, as can be seen from the other blog posts, and are starting to design our first “real” prototype, now that we have some ideas on how to make a convenient, easy-to-set-up, and easy-to-maintain aquaponics system. We are as committed to open-sourcing as ever, and will post designs for download as soon as we feel we have something useful.

But more importantly, we would like to validate our market. One way we are doing that is chatting with early adopters about their pain points and solutions they use to work around them. If you feel you are in this category of aquapons or gardeners, please contact us (just enter your email at our main page) and we’ll set up a time to chat on skype or google hangout.

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