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About a month back, we at AutoMicroFarm, had an idea of creating a smaller version of our current product. If you are or have ever been a renter, you will know exactly how this can benefit you.  Even if you own your own home, a small version that can comfortably fit in or near the kitchen provides a lot of benefits, as we will discuss below. The product’s working name for now is AutoNanoFarm. AutoNanoFarm will take up only a small space in a corner of you kitchen, and can be used as one or more of the following:

  • Living spice rack,
  • Vegetables that don’t need a lot of light,
  • Specialty vegetables,
  • Flowers or any other plant of your choosing.

This product will be a smaller and cheaper version of the full scale AutoMicroFarm. The advantages from this product are many. This product will be great for someone just starting out and trying out the idea of aquaponic systems. It can be easily tucked away in a corner without taking up much room. It can be used as a centerpiece with decorative fish in the open fish tank as seen from the pictures below.

This product will allow you to reach over for a fresh tomato, basil, or any other spices, and allow you directly cut up your spices/fruits/vegetables off the “vine” into your freshly hand made meal. You can’t get much better than that!

Side Rendering of the AutoNanoFarm:

Isometric Rendering of a prototype “AutoNanoFarm”:


Let us know if this product is something that interests you by leaving your email on our main website (AutoMicroFarm), and commenting below.

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