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Woah there! Thanks for the interest and please help!

This past Wednesday, we got a spike of visitors to the AutoMicroFarm site, and not only that, but over a thousand 1200 people signed up to our mailing list since then. So what is all the excitement about and where did it come from? On Wednesday morning, one of us made an off-hand comment in a post on Hacker News about where AutoMicroFarm ranks on the Yudkowsky Ambition Scale. Perhaps it helped that Mr. Yudkowsky chimed in with appreciation. Within minutes, we had a spike of visitors to our site, including messages about how excited the new visitors are about our product and what we are doing.

As a response to all of the traffic, we are updating our website for easier access to information about AutoMicroFarm. We are very excited about the enthusiasm of the subscribers to AutoMicroFarm. We are posting up a quick one-minute survey for you to take, so we have a little more information on where to focus our energy. 

We are very close to releasing our initial design for the AutoNanoFarm, our first product (note the Nano, not Micro). For those that are into manufacturing, we are eager to hear from you with advice on our design (especially the manufacturability of the injection-molded parts). As we start solidifying the first iteration of the design, we would love to contact potential manufacturing partners to create both the prototypes, and eventually the mass production of the parts.

Thanks again, and keep in touch!

The AutoMicroFarmers

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