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Good News: AutoNanoFarm Is Ready For Sale!

Finally, the day we’ve long been working towards has arrived: AutoNanoFarm is ready for sale!

Let us re-introduce AutoNanoFarm to you. AutoNanoFarm is a small aquaponics system that easily fits in your kitchen. This is a good system to start out with, whether you live in an apartment or you are looking into starting aquaponics and want to start with a small system before moving to larger systems. By getting familiar with a smaller system such as the AutoNanoFarm, you will be able to transfer the experience to the larger scale AutoMicroFarm that is in the development stages.

The AutoNanoFarm system uses a custom-built wood cabinet to hold a 20+ gallon fish tank and a container with two vegetable bed inserts on the top. The system utilizes a flood and drain method to pump the fish-fertilized water from the fish tank up to the growing beds at regular intervals, and drains back down. The growing beds filter the water and use the nutrients from the fish water for growing veggies, fruits, herbs, etc… whatever you plant. You can read more detail about the AutoNanoFarm here, and see pictures of it during assembly here.

Your AutoNanoFarm garden will be watered automatically. You just need to feed your fish, and add some water weekly to keep the tank full—you don’t have to change out the water, since the fish waste in the water will be used as fertilizer by the plants.

We have the kinks worked out, and we have a functioning AutoNanoFarm that has been running well. Below are actual pictures of the product, not renderings.

Front View of the AutoNanoFarm

The Growing Beds

The Aquarium, with two hard-to-see bluegill that we’ve taken from our first prototype.

Please note that this product is truly a beta product: there are things that you may find that are not ideal (for example, the flood-and-drain system we are currently using will make your aquarium water level rise and fall by about 25-30%. We have ideas on how to keep the water level fluctuations to a minimum, but we’re still experimenting with them). This is why we want your comments and opinions for further development based on your feedback. Multiple stain colors are available to stain the wood frame such as dark cherry, walnut, etc. The vegetable containers will be slightly different, but still using food safe plastics.

Is this version of the AutoNanoFarm for you?

The beta version is ideal for you if:

  1. You want to get a gentle introduction into the world of aquaponics by growing your own aquaponic herb or vegetable garden right in your own kitchen, living room, or porch.
  2. You live in the greater Research Triangle Park Area of North Carolina, the NC Triad, or Fayetteville, so that we can offer you speedy, face-to-face customer service.

If this is you, we would like to offer you an AutoNanoFarm at cost: $400. We will discuss the color you prefer (see below for the choices), and after a few weeks, deliver one to you personally, and set it up at your house. It will include the stand, the vegetable beds, the aquarium, the pump, and the plumbing. You will just need to provide the fish and the plants/seeds (or we can provide them, if you prefer, also at cost). Please reply to this email to order your AutoNanoFarm. If you would like to see our functional prototype in person, please get in touch with us to arrange it.

We’re eager to hear ideas and suggestions for improvement from you, this first group of early customers!

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